Like many before you, you found that trying to succeed in MCOC is no easy journey. However, you may wonder, how can I get unlimited Units and Gold while playing MARVEL Contest Of Champions? Answering that question is easier done than said, believe it or not.

You will need to use a MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack and all your efforts so far will not have been for nothing. Winning every battle is a hard target to achieve, but nowhere near impossible, all you need is enough Units and Gold to spend and you are set for an end game experience and a life time of winnings.

Learn To Hack MARVEL Contest Of Champions

  1. Before you start generating Units and/or Gold you will need to choose one of the buttons below, download the hack or use the online generator. They both do the same thing, the only difference is : our online generator can be used on our website and you don’t need to download anything to use it, even I can use it, that says a lot.
  2. After you’ve clicked the method you chose, select how many Units & Gold you want to generate (you can use this as many times as you want so you don’t need to get greedy).
  3. Press the ‘Start’ button and let the generator work, this part usually takes no longer than one minute.
  4. Once the process is over, complete the reCaptcha by filling in one offer of your choice, after doing so, the resources will be sent to your account.


The generator was successfully scanned, you can now safely use it.

After generating your Units, Gold and ISO-8, you will need to restart the game so the resources can be updated.

How To Get Free Units In MARVEL Contest Of Champions

Half of the MCOC player base has probably asked that question, sadly 99% of them didn’t get an answer simply because they stumbled upon the worst kind of Contest Of Champions Cheats. I'm willing to bet five dollars to a doughnut that you too came across one of those before you got here.

Getting unlimited Units as well as Gold in Contest Of Champions is as easy as pie, download the MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack we provide above or use the online generator if you don’t trust any 3rd party apps in your computer/smart phone. They are tied to the same process and are error free, both are optimized and updated as often as possible and have zero chances of getting you in trouble in the long run usage.

marvel contest of champions units generator

Lately, there has been quite an increase in the number of cheats and generators that claim to be able to generate free Units and Gold but end up never working, thus just wasting your time. Before each update, the hack is tested for hours on end to make sure the old features still work and new ones are bug free!

Our MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack tool is being updated daily to ensure functionality and uptime, instead of pretending to generate resources for your account, our tool does something different, it generates data packets containing Gold and Units and sends them to the ID of your account. This process does not take too long and will not require a lot of knowledge as the interface of our generator is user friendly, yes, that means even your pet can use it. Furthermore, the process itself is quick and trouble-free, generating Units, Gold and ISO 8 takes less than one minute and you'll be all set!

marvel contest of champions hack

Able to generate unlimited resources every day and night makes the MCOC Hack one of the most powerful tools we have released so far. The greatest feature of the MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack is that, unlike most cheats out there, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use it.

We don’t have complicated command lines and infinite buttons to confuse the user, in fact, there’s literally only one button you need to press before you are rained upon with resources for days, whether the platform you use is Android, iOS or even BlueStacks.

Perks Of Using The MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack

  • Unlimited Usage - You can use it as many times as you want in order to get your needed resources.
  • Safe & Sound - Scanned daily to ensure the files are not infected.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility - Tested on all Android and iOS
  • Stay Hidden - Multiple Proxies protecting you along with a new anti ban option we have specially developed for this generator.
  • No Extra Work On Your End - No need to root or jailbreak your phone/tablet as the whole generation process is done server side, not client side.
  • Quick & Easy To Use - Faster than lightning, generating resources takes less than 2 minutes, using either the online generator or the downloaded hack.
how to get free units in marvel contest of champions The Contest Of Champions Cheats fever is currently spreading like a wildfire in the depths of the internet as we know it. Conventional ways of gaining resources just don’t work anymore as in-game quests have literally become a chore and there is too little satisfaction gained for the amount of time you put in the game. As a consequence people have turned to using a tool that’s more efficient and faster than grinding for in-game items, cheating.

Some would argue that unlocking champions is the hardest thing you can achieve without cheating. I have to agree, especially with new champions being added one after another : Thanos, Black Panther, they are not easy to get a hold of as in-game Units are pretty scarce.

The One Generator Without Surveys Or Verification Of Any Kind

One of the big downsides of looking for a working MARVEL Champions Hack is the cluster of surveys you will come across, it’s bound to happen, you can’t avoid it. We provide our cheats without surveys, in exchange we decided to opt in to a reCaptcha verification method in order to avoid bots and abuse, that should make players happier and our servers healthier.

Along with a package of high-end features like ban protection and proxies, using the generator has a few more advantages up the sleeve, quite possibly the most useful part of the generator is that it requires no verification, you are only required to complete a reCaptha verification before receiving your Units & Gold, it’s that simple.

Another advantage comes in the form of accessibility, not knowing what to do when starting a program has happened one too many times, not in this case. The MARVEL Contest Of Champions Hack has one of the friendliest user interfaces we have created to date which work for Android and iOS platforms and can be used by all MARVEL Contest Of Champions players.

One of the hardest things in to do in MCOC without a hack is unlocking your favorite heroes, they require resources and to get resources you need to grind or to cheat. It’s all a vicious circle which can be avoided if you think outside the box for a little while. Generate free Units & Gold, purchase your chosen hero and beat everyone you fight, simple!

Thank you for taking the time to read the basic documentation for the tool we provide, contact us if you have any more questions! :)